Advertising and Design

Advertising and design thrive on new ideas. Only the mere ideas are known to be not protectable. That is exactly why there are often disputes in the area of advertising and design which can be avoided through good and sustainable consultation. 

For years, we have witnessed an increasing level of uncertainty of customers and creatives regarding the legality of their work and advertising. Unfortunatley, this often means that good ideas will be discarded after a superficial advice for fear of possible consequences, although they would have been perfectly acceptable and feasible after a consideration of all the subtleties. It is a particular concern of our lawyers not ot wipe your creative ideas off the table by general risk information but to show to you the possibilities of an implementation and design. Our lawyers combine legal expertise with close industry knowledge and technical know-how.

Benefit from our knowledge and our ideas, particulary in the following areas:

  • Application and enforcement of design patents and other intellectual property rights
  • unregistered designs
  • Protection portfolios and deposit for designs
  • Agency contracts
  • Examniation of advertising campaigns and risk assessments
  • Advocacy and claims management for agencies, freelance designers and programmers
  • Coaching and Training on Copyright, competition and advertising law
  • Copyrights clearance