Music and Stage

Old-timers rave about the good and old days when important music contracts were concluded on the back of a beer mat. The contracts of today have to consider things that did not exist back then - for example the sale of music via the Internet or mobile phones or the desire of the record companies to participate in merchandising and concert revenues of the artist. 

For years, we have supported artists and record companies, composers, producers, publishers and ditributors, managers and advertising agencies at national and international level with the challenges of the music exploitation in the 21st century.

Our focus lies on providing advice for the negotiation and drafting of all types fo contracts, including:

  • Band takeover contracts
  • Exclusive artist contracts
  • Producer contracts
  • Traditional and online distribution contracts
  • Publisher contracts
  • Co-Publishing contracts
  • Editing contracts
  • Contracts for live/conert area
  • Management contracts
  • Company contracts e.g. for band organisation

In the field of music exploitation in the context of film, television and commercial productions, our lawyers advise both, film producers and other exploiting parties as well as the creative side of the composers, songwriters and performers.

The distribution of music over the Internet means legal and, unfortunately, illegal practices of music consumption. We help prevent illegal music theft. Likewise, we also offer support against unauthorised cease and desist letters.

When you make music, we are on your side. With tact and enjoying your music!