Sports and Sponsorship

We stand for competence in sports law.

Some may think that lawyers should at least stay away from sports as being the most beautiful pastime in the world. But increasing professionalisation, commercialisation and media exposure have led to a steady marketing in sports - and this reality requires experts in sports law. Your will find them with us.

Do you require consulting for contracts of professional athletes, trainers or managers? Are you seeking advice on matters of sport sponsorship or advertising partnerships with celebrities´testimonials from the world of sports? Do you require expertise in club and association law or sport jurisdiction?

In these and other matters of sports, our lawyers have successfully consulted professional and amateur athletes, officials, managers, companies, associations, clubs, organisers and sponsors for many years. 

YOU´LL NEVER WALK ALONE is the anthem of the fans in the Anfield Road Stadium - and for us it is our motto when counselling our clients, particulary in the following areas:

Negotiation and drafting of contracts, e.g.

  • Player contracts and other service and employment contracts
  • Sponsorship agreements
  • Marketing agreements
  • Sports law licence agreements

As well as in the areas of

  • Club and association law
  • Liability law
  • Sport and association jurisdiction