Brands and Competition

Trademark Law

Solid consultation for your brands

Brands are among the most important intangible assets of a company. Therefore, the disregard of trademark protection must be described as gross negligence.

Our lawyers have consulted large and small businesses for many years, from the name finding and registration strategy to the marketing and the defence of their trademarks.

The scope of our consultation activities involves:

  • Consulting on brand architecture and brand strategies
  • Trademark applications nationally/internationally (OHIM/WIPO)
  • Fast and cost-effective brand registration in third countries (not through WIPO), such as South America through our network and cooperation lawyers worldwide
  • Oppositions and cancellation proceedings before the German Patent and Trademark Office and German Courts as well as before the OHIM and the Euroiean Court of Justice
  • Trademark infringement proceedings in preliminary injunction proceedings
  • Coexistence and Prior Rights agreements
  • Trademarkmonitoring
  • Licence agreements, franchise agreements, merchandising agreements and sponsorship contracts
  • Border confiscation proceedings in cases of counterfeiting and piracy

Competition Law and Antitrust Law

Only those who know the subtle differences of the new competition law between legally permissible and unfair practices can plan the right approach throuch a detailed risk assessment. In cases of unfair practices by a competitor, it is particulary important to end those as soon as possible and to take paaropriate measues agains unfair competitors.

Our lawyers have advised clients for many years in all aspects of competition law and stand up for your rights, if necessary, through cooperation with the prosecution and customs ahthorities.

With us, you´ll be in a good position when it comes to competition.

  • Competition and antitrust consulting and assessment
  • Warnings, injunction proceedings, principal proceedings
  • Compliance consulting and trainings